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I wish my morning started with an anime opening

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…because Steve can be a real punk sometimes, ya know?

Haha, yes! Steve is totally that annoying artist roommate who communicates via passive-aggressive post-it notes. What did Bucky do, forget a dirty plate in the sink? Drink the last orange juice?

I laughed, but I also got a bit sappy imagining Bucky’s reaction to the first post-it he finds. Steve’s been walking on eggshells around him, coddling him, never raising his voice no matter what Bucky does, and it’s so weird, nothing like Bucky thinks he remembers, and he doesn’t know if he’s changed or Steve changed or if HYDRA really did manage to scramble his brains—and then one morning he finds a piece of paper tucked under the side of the bathroom mirror with a scribble that he can tell is supposed to be him because of the arm and the hair but which is mostly just a big foamy cloud of bubbles, and underneath it Steve has written really, Buck, ALL the shampoo??? And Bucky feels something inside him relax, like a breath he wasn’t aware of holding.

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give me all the notes.

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Traits I want to see more often in female characters



These traits (both good and bad) are common enough in male characters but just don’t show up enough with the ladies!

  • Big eater (why do all the women in fiction either have really tiny appetites or the type of personality where strong emotions take away their hunger?)
  • Bad at singing
  • Gruff personality
  • Gentle giant
  • Condescending
  • Crude humor
  • Coward (women either don’t show up to battle or do their best to fight. There is no in-between.)
  • Cocky/overconfident
  • Monstrous
  • Chill/relaxed
  • The funny one
  • hot tempered and not in a shrill or cute way like in a “i need to go hit someone or break something” sort of way
  • dirty/unkempt
  • GAY

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*becomes educated on issues and learns not to use slurs* *literally everyone u come in contact with uses said slurs and u cringe*

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Last week I shot a roll of film that I’d got free with a second hand camera. When I got back the scans I found out that the roll had already been used by the guy who gave me it and so I had double exposed it. By chance, both of us had taken a photo of a motorway landscape and this was made. His photo is from the inside of the car looking at countryside and my shot of an urban motorway is best seen on the left hand side.

This is fucking amazing

im speechless


just wow


Hong Kong protester catching a tear gas grenade and throwing it back


byebye weak ass homophobic/transphobic legal defenses.


how many calories do I burn when I run away from my problems?

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